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If you cherish your current location but feel your home doesn’t meet your lifestyle needs, a whole-house renovation might be the ideal solution. Whether it’s the allure of a perfect view on a beautiful street or a spacious property where your family and pets can thrive, but the house lacks your unique style, we can help.

Carl Deputy and Son Builders has assisted numerous homeowners in transforming outdated properties into stunning homes. Our approach varies, encompassing everything from complete demolitions and rebuilds to extensive whole-house redesigns. With almost four decades of experience in home construction, we possess the expertise to manage complex renovation projects. Our commitment to quality, meticulous attention to detail, and comprehensive construction knowledge ensure a successful and visually appealing transformation of your home.

Our Process


1. Site Visit

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment for us to visit your current home, we’ll conduct a thorough walkthrough to discuss the specifics of your renovation. Whether you’re envisioning a new kitchen or bathroom, an addition, or a complete home makeover, we’ll take detailed notes and measurements to understand the full scope of the work you’re aiming to achieve. During this visit, we’ll inquire about your budget, any specific features or materials you’re considering, and the timeline you have in mind for completing your renovation.

2. Budgeting and Pricing

The following step in your home remodeling journey involves setting a budget. After our site visit, Carl Deputy and Son Builders will draft a proposal, providing an estimated cost for your renovation project. We’ll detail what our pricing includes and outline allowances for specific aspects of your plan, like flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and mechanical installations, to give you a clear understanding of the costs associated with each item.

3. Contract Signing

Now that you have a personalized proposal and agree to a purchase price, you will then submit your plans and price proposal to the Lender of your choice for construction financing if needed. We have great recommendations for Lenders if you do not already have one in mind.

4. Personalize Your Renovation & Make Selections

After agreeing to the cost of your renovation project. We will dive into customizing your home’s finishes. Based on the scope of work we will gather drawings, designs, selections and proposals needed to start construction of your renovation project.

5. Pre-Construction Meeting

After agreeing to the cost of your renovation project. We will dive into customizing your home’s finishes. Based on the scope of work we will gather drawings, designs, selections and proposals needed to start construction of your renovation project.

6. Construction and Phase Meetings

Throughout the building process of your renovation, your Jobsite Superintendent will arrange several meetings with you at key stages. These include pre start plan, Demolition Framing, Mechanical, Drywall, Post-Paint Layouts, and finally, the completion phase. Each visit provides an opportunity for you to see the progress and understand the details of your home’s construction.

7. Final Walk through and Homeowner Orientation

During the Homeowner Orientation, your Jobsite Superintendent will conduct a comprehensive tour of your new home, providing a detailed demonstration of the functional systems within your renovation. This orientation will cover the homeowner’s maintenance tasks, responsibilities, and the warranties associated with your completed remodel.

What Our Clients Say

We have been in our home built by Carl Deputy and Son for over a year now, and we’re still absolutely in love with it. We were impressed every step of the way. From our first call to Patty, to our first meeting with Carl, to the entire building process with Jeremy. We never felt like just another contract no matter what our budget was. They answered our millions of questions, made sure we were 100% happy with every little detail along the way, and built a beautifully crafted home just for us! And even a year and a half later, they still let us know they’re only a call away from anything we may need. If you’re looking for exceptional service and a quality built home, look no further. I will continue to recommend them to anyone looking to build a home in the area.

Jessica Kenny

Renovation Projects


home addition 3

Delaware Custom Home Addition Contractors

The expansion of this spacious residence has resulted in a doubling of the original home’s size. It now boasts a luxurious Master Suite, an inviting Covered Porch, a grand 2-Story Living Room, and a generously sized 2-car garage with a fully finished upper level. The renovation extended to both the interior and exterior of the existing structure, incorporating numerous custom features and modern upgrades to harmonize with the new addition. This includes Wainscoting and trim work, the installation of two fireplaces, elegantly tiled walls, a walk-in shower, brand-new siding, and a 50-year roof. The design was meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with the original home, ensuring that the addition appears as a natural extension of the existing dwelling.








Penwood Remodel

Whole House Remodeling

Complete home restoration currently under construction.








1. How do i stay on schedule?

Before the construction of your project begins, you’ll meet several key milestones, including consultations with our designer, project superintendent and relevant vendor partners to customize your renovation with your chosen interior and exterior finishes. Once these selections are finalized, we can kick off the construction phase, following the established project timeline. Adhering to our scheduled deadlines is crucial for reducing the likelihood of delays.

2. How do I control costs during renovation?

Keeping change orders to a minimum and sticking to your budget allowances are key strategies for managing costs effectively. This approach is crucial because even minor modifications can lead to unexpected expenses beyond the builder’s control, which ultimately fall on you to cover.

3. Can changes be made during construction?

Yes! The preconstruction meeting marks the official start of the project, where both builder and clients agree on product selections and design decisions. After this pivotal meeting, purchase orders are dispatched to subcontractors and suppliers, establishing fixed prices for every aspect of the work. Any alterations made beyond this point will likely lead to extra expenses.

4. How do I make a change during Construction?

It’s common for clients to request changes during construction, but it’s important to be fully aware of the cost implications of making decisions after specifications are finalized and the contract is signed. This underscores the importance of making as many definitive selections as early as possible, which is in the best interest of the customer. Every modification entails additional effort from the builder’s team, including managing orders, rescheduling labor and subcontractors, and adjusting the budget. If you wish to make alterations during your renovation, simply reach out to your Project Manager, who will provide you with the necessary pricing and materials to proceed with a change order.

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